The Art of Us

Welcome to The Art of Us!

The creative idea behind this special exhibition was to highlight the diversity of artistic styles and mediums while using the human form, aka mannequins. Forty-two artists donated their time and talent to transform mannequin bodies or parts, using a variety of mediums, into unique works of art. These works were displayed around the Flathead Valley at 28 locations, June thru mid-August, 2019. The exhibition culminated in a lovely event at The Nest on Swan River, where the art work was auctioned off for the benefit of the BACC, the Campaign for a New Bigfork Library and the Sparrow’s Nest, Kalispell.


Pictured here are some of the incredible creations from our artists. Thank You to everyone who shared their time and talent!

The Hitchhiker, by Meissenburg Designs.
“Renewal” by Thomas Titus.
“Sabi” by Tabby Ivy.
“Bird in the Hand” by Jill Gotschalk & Andrea Goff.
“Garden Goddess” by Stephanie Pointer, Clementine’s. See me in my new home, Swan River Gardens.
“Port Des Bras” by Mike Grauer.
“Elpis” The Spirit of Hope, by Kathleen Moon.
“Mother Nature” by Danielle Taylor.
“Chloe” by Nancy O’Kelly & Karen Ellis
“Goodbye Old-time Dewey Decimal” by Jill Gotschalk.
‘Silent Symphony’ by Shana Smith. See me at the MAC after July 4th!
“Aphrodite” by Victoria Robinson.
“Goes on the Hunt” by Shadowhawke Garnett.
“Wild Game Trophy” by Maggie Logan.
“Danu”, by Dee Dee Cooper.
“Flower Child” by Deb Hunter.
“Hoodoo Woman” by Margrit Suter.
“In My Garden, A Bird in the Hand” by Karin Henion.
“Walks Along Woman” by Shadowhawke Garnett with Dee Dee Cooper.