Bigfork Documentary

Bigfork: A Montana Story

Bigfork, A Montana Story, is an original documentary, a collaboration between Ed Gillenwater, local film writer and producer, Tabby Ivy, Bigfork artist, Denny Kellogg, Bigfork area resident, collector, and archivist, and Don Beans, local resident, Doctor and musician. This team's last collaborative effort resulted in 2015’s A Timeless Legacy, Women Artists of Glacier National Park, the groundbreaking exhibition, documentary film, and book for the Hockaday Museum of Art. The documentary, A Timeless Legacy, recently aired on Montana PBS.

Bigfork, A Montana Story, begins with the geological beginning of this area, the First People who inhabited the land, and the traders, trappers, early pioneers, and entrepreneurs who came from across the continent, traveling long distances over difficult terrain to build the town and to make Bigfork their home. In the late 19th century, the Bigfork and Swan Lake areas became a destination for adventurous folks who were 'fleeing civilization' or 'looking for a fresh start'. The extensive research involved has unearthed photos and documents unseen for decades. The project was not intended to be a definitive history of the town of Bigfork, but rather to tell a narrative of place. Thus, although these particular events happened here, they share a common theme of adventure, courage, and grit shown by all who came West to build a new life and chose to make Montana their home.

In order to ensure that this treasure trove of history is preserved for generations to come, BACC is establishing an interactive digital Archive. This Archive will directly support our mission of celebrating and preserving the history of Bigfork and Montana. The fact that the Archive will be interactive allows people to add their own family stories, thus creating an ever-evolving history.  Between the production team and those of us who work with and support the BACC, we will continue to improve, expand, promote and then provide this slice of Montana history to everyone who wishes to experience it.

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