Bigfork Art & Cultural Center

BACC strives to serve as Bigfork's heART of creativity, education and inspiration for all.

Cheryl Hanes: Executive Director

Prior to BACC, Cheryl Hanes served as the Chief Executive Officer of International Development Resources, Inc., IDRI, a company co-founded with her husband, Patrick Hanes. Prior to forming IDRI, she had served as CEO, CFO, and Director of Operations for numerous public and private companies both in the United States and in Europe and Asia. Cheryl and Patrick have been Bigfork residents since 2000, and she became affiliated with BACC in the summer of 2016, handling the accounting, managing the gift shop, Art, etc., and working closely with Executive Director Valerie Homer. Throughout 2016 and 2017, Cheryl and Valerie continued working toward their goals of restructuring the internal organization of BACC, and moving in an artistically innovative and fiscally positive direction. Cheryl's diverse background coupled with her love of the arts and her commitment to the BACC and to Bigfork should serve our community well!

Thank You Art Director, Valerie Vadala Homer, for sharing your creativity with the BACC.  We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.