Uncommon Threads: A Weaving of Art & Community- Aug 25 to Sep 22

Uncommon Threads: A Weaving of Art & Community

August 25 – September 22

Opening Reception: August 25, 5 – 7pm with Artist Introductions & Demonstrations at 5:45

Uncommon Threads is a celebration of the fiber arts featuring: crochet, knitting, needlepoint, weaving, embroidery, felting, quilting, and many other fiber forms.  Artists include: Annie Allen, Jill Gotschalk, Susan Hanson, Susan Kuhlman, Robin Magaddino, Claudia Paillao, Debra Pollard, Betty Violette, and more to be announced.  The exhibit also features BACC’s second community collaborative art work–a 3-Dimensional Montana landscape featuring a myriad of fiber artforms in the spirit of last year’s popular Wooly Garden.

BACC is seeking contributions and loans of crochet, knitting, and other fiber forms which to be incorporated into a fiber soft sculpture artwork.  The individual pieces will be assembled together and affixed to a cloth backing to form a 3-Dimensional landscape. The soft sculpture will flow down a wall and onto the floor which will feature a streambed, flora, and fauna.  Trees and deer will be placed alongside. For more information as to how to participate go to our website: bigforkculture.org.

The artwork is being assembled by an artist team including: Annie Allen, Jill Gottschalk, Sue Hanson, Robin Magaddino, and Betty Violette—the team responsible for last year’s first collaborative artwork: Woolly Garden.  Contributors to this year’s project range from Aces students, BACC visitors, area residents, members of the Alpine Weaver’s Guild, and contributors from across the state.   Don’t miss the magic that happens with our community’s creative spirit comes together to make this artwork.

Montana Collaborative Landscape Concept

Rendering by Betty Violette

Last year’s Wooly Garden, BACC’s first community collborative artwork.  Assembled by Artist Team:

Jill Gotschalk, Sue Hanson, Robin Magaddino, and Betty Violette