Artist’s Choice: July 31 – August 31, Artist’s Reception: August 3, 5:00 – 6:30

Gail D. Hansen’s Delicacy


Back at BACC by popular demand.  Artist’s Choice is an exhibition featuring some 30+  Montana artists.  Last year, BACC’s Art Director chose 13 artists for the exhibit.   Then, she asked those artists to choose an artist to exhibit alongside them.  Artists chose their mentors, their students, or simply an artist they admire.  Most of the artists have returned to this year’s show.  This year the artists that were “chosen” last year are choosing an artist to exhibit with them.  Don’t miss this dynamic and inspiring exhibition.

Participating artists include:

Rob Akey, Carl Ambrose, Lauren Arsen, Dana Beradinis, Julie Christopher, Francesca Droll, Pattee Fenn, Jill Gotschalk, Lauren Grabelle, Lael Gray, Penny Hall, Gail D. Hansen, Drew Hubatsek, Tabby Ivy, William Jasper, Allen Jimmerson,  Celestia Kierkegaard, Robert Korenberg,  Tom Lewis, Lynon Lohof, Jeff Manion, Elizabeth Michaelson, Darlene Morgan, Debra Pollard,  Jeanette Rehahn, Joanne Sleadd, Robin Sorg, Marilyn Theis, and Sally Vannoy.