Bigfork Art & Cultural Center

Our Mission: BACC strives to serve as Bigfork's heART of creativity, education and inspiration for all.

Bigfork has always been an arts town. From its earliest days, Bigfork residents have been artists, artisans, craftsmen, art collectors and art enthusiasts. In 1977, a group of visionary citizens saw the need to build a community center focusing on the arts and ensuring a cultural legacy for Bigfork and the surrounding area. This forward-thinking group included Les and Ginny Averill, Sam Stephens, and Ruth & Joe Sliter, who purchased a gas station and converted it into Bigfork's first art center!

BACC is still housed in the same spot and over the years we have undergone a number of transformations. One significant addition was the musical clock tower which graces the front of our building. The clock tower has become a local landmark and gathering point. Music emanates from the tower every hour playing melodies ranging from Amazing Grace to Moon River to I Got You Babe. The clock tower was funded through private donations - supported by a campaign led by Community Foundation for a Better Bigfork, "CFBB" - a local, nonprofit organization responsible for the majority of our village's infrastructure and improvements.

The name and focus of our arts center has changed but the desire to provide the best in art exhibitions and cultural offerings has not wavered.  We continue to strive to:

  • maintain a solid financial base to not only sustain BACC, but also to serve as a positive force in our community
  • continually expand and improve our Board of Directors, our volunteer base, our membership base and our artist base
  • expand the focus of our programming to reflect art and culture beyond the visual arts, including more music, film, craft, design, architecture, literature, and humanities
  • broaden the focus of exhibitions in order to increase the diversity of the artists and artisans exhibited in our Gallery and featured in our gift shop, Art, etc.
  • build collaborative relationships with art, education, and cultural institutions
  • provide educational programs to enliven, engage, and inspire our community and visitors
  • ensure Bigfork remains a vital destination for arts and culture

Holly Wielkoszewski, President

Nancy Kuhn, Secretary

Karin Henion, Treasurer

Beverley Ferguson

Ricci Gertz

Andrea Goff

Karen Sykes

Sarah Taylor

Betty Violette

Thank You Nancy O'Kelly, retiring Board Member, for your dedication and service to BACC.

Cheryl Hanes: Executive Director

Prior to BACC, Cheryl Hanes served as the Chief Executive Officer of International Development Resources, Inc., IDRI, a company co-founded with her husband, Patrick Hanes. Prior to forming IDRI, she had served as CEO, CFO, and Director of Operations for numerous public and private companies both in the United States and in Europe and Asia. Cheryl and Patrick have been Bigfork residents since 2000, and she became affiliated with BACC in the summer of 2016, handling the accounting, managing the gift shop, Art, etc., and working closely with Executive Director Valerie Homer. Throughout 2016 and 2017, Cheryl and Valerie continued working toward their goals of restructuring the internal organization of BACC, and moving in an artistically innovative and fiscally positive direction. Cheryl's diverse background coupled with her love of the arts and her commitment to the BACC and to Bigfork should serve our community well!